Saturday Evening:
6:00 PM (English)
7:15 PM (Spanish).
Upper Church:
7:30AM, 9:00AM,10:30AM,
12:00Noon, & 6:00PM (English)
1:30PM (Spanish)
Lower Church:
10:00AM & 11:30 AM (Spanish)
1:30PM Third Sunday of the month (Filipino)

Mon-Fri 7:30AM, 9AM & 12 Noon (English)
Thursday 6:30 PM (Spanish)
Sat 9 AM & 12 Noon

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82-00 35th Avenue, Jackson Heights, NY 11372


We have seen our parish grow from a rural to an urban one. But through the many changes that comprised our community, one thing has remained constant — parishioners' concern for their parish. It is a concern that elicits more than just thought. It is a concern that transforms thought into action for the betterment of the parish and the community as a whole. For Saint Joan of Arc Parish has never been a static organization. Dynamic from its inception, it can serve well as an example of what a parish should and can be. It is truly a parish that "cares" — cares for its members, of course, but also for the entire community of mankind.


We may certainly look back at our past ninety years with pride, coupled with humility. Yet, ours is not the kind of parish to sit complacently reminiscing of what has already been accomplished. Rather, in Saint Joan of Arc Parish the people incessantly seek to move ahead to solve the problems of today and tomorrow.

Perhaps by turning back briefly to our past, we can better understand why Saint Joan of Arc Parish and its parishioners are so vital a force in the Church.

history2The beginning of the 20th Century found the Jackson Heights area a farming region. This was soon to change, however, as the farms gave way to private housing. The population thus began to increase, and Catholics were among those who moved here.

Although their numbers were not large, these Catholics were devout and very much wanted their own church so that they might more easily satisfy their spiritual needs. The diocesan authorities granted their petition, and the search for a suitable building site began. Executives of the Queensboro Corporation generously donated several lots, and plans for the new church were put into action.

Our founding pastor was chosen, and a more suitable choice than Father Ward G. Meehan could not have been possible. At this time Father Meehan had just returned from service in World War I in which he had been Chaplain to the 60th Infantry. This soldier-priest had seen action in many battles in France, including the Battle of Verdun. He had served as Commander of the Chaplains' School in Le Mans and had received a Citation for his service at the recommendation of Colonel Bertram P. Johnson, Commanding Officer of the 60th Infantry.

Cpt.MeehanCaptain Meehan returned to this country sometime after the Armistice had been signed and next served as Assistant Port Chaplain at Hoboken. He resigned his commission in 1919 and was appointed Administrator of Saint Bartholomew Parish in Elmhurst. While serving there, he was named to be our founding pastor.

Father Meehan quickly began organizing his "troops." Committees were formed, and it was decided that a prefabricated portable church would best suit the parish needs at the time. We planned to use this church for the first time on August 15, 1920, to celebrate the Feast of the Assumption.

Before this date, however, the President of the Queensboro Corporation, Mr. Edward A. MacDougall, made it possible for us to say the first Mass at the Casino on Sunday, June 5, 1920. This was of utmost importance to us, since it was the day on which our parish — Saint Joan of Arc — was officially established.